Sunday, September 30, 2012

Aggressive Combat Championships Postscript

Do you have any idea how convenient it is to take a ten-minute bus ride to a fight show?  Considering it was a three-hour journey to catch Bellator in Atlantic City on Friday night, last night's Aggressive Combat Championship at the Elks Lodge in Queens was a goddamn luxury.  And although it wasn't quite full-fledged MMA, the Muay Thai, boxing, submission grappling and combat jiu-jitsu bouts provided action galore.  ACC has positioned itself nicely in the New York market, and if the packed venue last night is any indication, their February amateur MMA show in Queens is going to absolutely rock.  Some thoughts on the fights:
  • The Edge Hoboken team kicked some serious ass, going undefeated in four bouts.  Tim Lutke crushed his opponent in Muay Thai, Issiah Castadon overwhelmed his dude with strikes, Gerald Javiar picked his foe apart, and Ed Andes had simply had too much wrestling for his guy to handle.
  • Ray Carter of Rudy's Boxing had fleet footwork and the kind of fast, short counterpunching that kept dinging opponent Joe Stacks of Nexus up.  Regardless, Stacks was almost successful in drawing Carter into a brawl - which made for a very entertaining fight.  Carter won the decision in what was a fun ride.
  • Tazo Jorjoliani of Team Renzo may have had superior technique, but AFS's George Petronella was all power, and he was able to wear Jorjoliani down to a nub.
  • Richie Anderson of Black Belt Academy was able to sprawl and brawl his way to victory over Team Renzo' Aaron Galan, which was cool to watch.  Also cool was Mike Rosseli of Tigon Martial Arts Academy wrestling Tyler McGraw of Black Belt Academy into oblivion.  In both instances, it was wrestling that won the day.

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