Sunday, February 2, 2014

AKBF Show in Yorktown Heights, N.Y. - 2.1.14


(Ed. note: the following report is courtesy of veteran writer Mark Jacobs. Check out his blog here.)

While Jim Genia was down at UFC 169 on Saturday night sitting in a hot tub drinking pink ladies with Dana White, some of us were out in the trenches doing the real work.

The AKBF event in Yorktown Heights, NY featured a numbing 17 bouts of amateur MMA, Muay Thai, boxing, kickboxing and grappling.

Highlights included Anderson Silva, who showed no ill-effects of his broken leg in defeating Vinny Brightmaqn... wait, it was a different Anderson Silva?
I thought there was something suspicious when he looked much paler in person. He still impressed winning by quick first round guillotine choke (and he insists Anderson Silva is his real name).
American Top Team’s Dean Hancock unleashed a devastating body slam followed by some quick ground and pound mop up to finish Tim Knapp in round one.
And local beast Gregy Styles was his usually cocky and spectacular self, instantly taking opponent Santiago Milanese down with a bodylock and then dropping right hands on him till Milanese liquefied into the canvas. Styles must turn pro before any more amateurs are damaged beyond repair!

Full Results:
1. Grappling: Ethan Gomez draw Sam McCormick
2. Grappling: Robert Fischer W. armbar vs. George Petronella
3. MMA: Marcus Macrillo W. choke Rd. 1 vs. Mike Lopez
4. Muay Thai: Renzo Medoza W TKO Rd. 2 vs. Robert Shoomaker
5. MMA: Anderson Silva W. guillotine choke Rd. 1 vs. Vinny Brightmaqn
6. Grappling: Scott Hlubik draw Juan Santana
7. MMA: Eric Ott W ground and pound Rd. 1 vs. Joe Lowe
8. Kickboxing: Ben Tryree W decision vs. Therno Barry
9. MMA: Guy Croce W TKO Rd. 1 vs. Mike Douglass
10. Boxing: Christain Dellard W decision vs. Alex Delic
11. Muay Thai: Ray Angle W decision vs. Brian Cohen
12. MMA: Illya Kotau W TKO 3 vs. Melton Dane
13. MMA: John Marino W guillotine choke Rd. 1 vs. Alex Gonzalez
14. MMA: Dean Hancock W TKO Rd. 1 vs. Tim Knapp
15. Muay Thai: John Ladisa W decision vs. Turpel Khamayez
16. Muay Thai: Dante Goldsmith W decision vs. Gino Smith
17. MMA: Gregy Styles W ground and pound Rd. 1 vs. Santiago Milanese

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