Saturday, February 15, 2014

Mike Constantino One Step Closer to Becoming Dana White


New Jersey-based coach, manager and all-around nice guy Mike Constantino is what you'd call a Rennaissance Man. When it comes to MMA, he literally almost does it all. Well, you can add "president of a top regional MMA promotion" the list, as Constantino is now the president of the Cage Fury Fighter Championships. Hooray, congrats, blah, blah, blah and all that. What's most notable about this news is how much like Dana White our pal Mike is getting to be. Let's lay out the facts for comparison, shall we?

Mike Constantino
Dana White
president of CFFC
president of UFC
trained the likes of Jim and Dan Miller, and tons of other fighters
former boxercise trainer
former fighter
fought on the hard streets of Boston
owns AMA Fight Club gym
probably has some sort of stake in the UFC Gym franchise
has a full head of well-maintained hair
bald as an eagle
lives in New Jersey, where it has snowed a lot
brought tons of artificial snow to his yard in Las Vegas so his kids could make snowmen or something

Obviously, they're aren't alike in every way yet, but there are some traits they share. Are the similarities freaking you out like they freak me out?

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