Friday, April 11, 2014

UFC Fight Night Abu Dhabi: Results and Play-by-Play


Back in the day I used to go to local shows and do a mean play-by-play from cageside. I don't do it that much anymore - advances in technology make it more worthwhile to do video and tweets - but that doesn't mean I forgot how. Here, then, are some live results and bout descriptions from UFC Fight Night 39: "Nogueira vs. Nelson", which is taking place in Abu Dhabi this sunny Friday afternoon and is airing on UFC Fight Pass.

Prelim Results:
  • Rani Yahya vs. Johnny Bedford - "No Contest" due to an accidental foul (headbutt) at :39, R1
  • Jim Alers def. Alan Omer via Split Decision
  • Thales Leites def. Trevor Smith via TKO (Punches) at :45, R1
  • Jared Rosholt def. Daniel Omielanczuk via Unanimous Decision
Notes: Yahya got bonked hard by that headbutt. A "no contest" was absolutely the right call.

Alers and Omer went at it hard, both on the feet and on the ground.

This is all you need to know about the Thales Leites fight (big thanks to Zombie Prophet):

The Rosholt vs. Omielanczuk heavyweight fight could have fit right in on any Bellator undercard. In other words, ugh.

Main Card Bout Descriptions:

-Ramsey Nijem vs. Beneil Dariush 
Round 1: It takes about three minutes of aggression tempered with caution, but Nijem finally finds his opening with a left hook that puts Dariush on jelly legs. The TUF 13 runner-up pours it on at that point, and though Dariush tries to defend himself and hunt for a heelhook, the dude is too far in the hole to dig himself out. With Nijem in mount and raining down fists, the referee is forced to step in at 4:20 of Round 1.

  • Result: Ramsey Nijem def. Beneil Dariush via TKO (Punches) at 4:20, R1

-John Howard vs. Ryan LaFlare 
Round 1: The Long Islander wastes no time nailing the single-leg and getting Howard down, passing guard, and threatening with a D'Arce. Howard scrambles back to his feet, and after a throw by LaFlare sends him back to the canvas, the two are up again and trading strikes.

Round 1 goes to LaFlare.

Round 2: Howard comes out and lands some hard punches, and brings things to the ground with a takedown of his own. Then he and LaFlare scramble furiously, and when they're back on their feet and against the cage, LaFlare lands an accidental knee to Howard's junk that's so bad a doctor has to come and check on the Massachusetts fighter's baby-making apparatus. The injury sees Howard taking almost the full five minutes. When the restart they touch gloves, and LaFlare gets another takedown. In the waning seconds of the round they're trading once again, and Howard is blazing away with combos that are forcing LaFlare to cover up.

Round 2 goes to Howard.

Round 3: Howard lands a hard leg-kick before LaFlare executes a duck-under into another takedown, but Howard is just too crafty to stay on his back, and when they're once more upright he plants some hard punches on his opponent's noggin'. LaFlare's single-leg is unstoppable though, and aside from a leglock attempt by Howard, for the rest of the round he's got "Doomsday" on all fours and turtled, and on the bad end of some solid wrestling control.

Round 3 definitely goes to LaFlare.
  • Result: Ryan LaFlare def. John Howard via Unanimous Decision

-Clay Guida vs. Tatsuya Kawajiri
Round 1: They may have stepped into the cage with awful hairstyles, but Guida and Kawajiri need only about five seconds to show the crowd that they're the most exciting fighters in Abu Dhabi tonight. Guida starts off by dropping his opponent with a stunner of an overhand right, and he immediately takes the Japanese veteran's back. Kawajiri returns the favor with a couple kimura attempts and an armbar that Guida has to work to get out of. The two also trade high-altitude slams, and then the round is over.

Round 1 maybe goes to Guida, but I dunno, it's close.

Round 2: Guida gets another slam, and Kawajiri keeps coming close with kimuras. The pace slows considerably, and much of the round is spent with Guida working his wrestler's control from Kawajiri's back.

Round 2 probably goes to Kawajiri because of those submission attempts.

Round 3: A lot of sloppy striking marks the beginning of the third, and then Kawajiri shoots for a double-leg from way too far out and Guida spends the next two minutes sprawling as the Japanese fighter struggles to complete the takedown. They eventually get back to their feet, and Guida's relentless pace is really starting to wear Kawajiri down. The American gets another slam, and the round ends with Kawajiri turtled and Guida kneeing him in the ribs.

Round 3 goes to Guida for sure.
  • Result: Clay Guida def. Tatsuya Kawajiri via Unanimous Decision
-Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Roy Nelson
Round 1: The may be respected jiu-jitsu black belts, but "Big Nog" and "Big Country" are all about the boxing. Although the Brazilian legend is taller with a greater reach, Nelson is the first to score, clubbing Nogueira repeatedly with his killer right hand. The TUF winner wobbled Big Nog twice, then completely starched him, and Nogueira was out for a while.

  • Result: Roy Nelson def. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira via KO (Punch) at 3:37, R1

And that's all, folks.

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