Tuesday, May 13, 2014

New York State Senate Passes 2014 MMA Bill (UPDATED)


The New York State Senate passed bill S6502 today, which is their version of the bill that will make pro MMA legal in state. The final vote was 44 to 16.

This marks the fifth year in a row that the Senate has put their stamp of approval on sanctioning the sport.

Obviously, the Assembly has to do their part as well for the bills to be merged into something the governor can sign into law - and the Assembly has yet to even fully address the issue. Still, approval in the Senate is a sure indicator that there is support for MMA among New York's legislature.


The following is a statement from UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta:
“We once again thank the State Senate – Democrats and Republicans – for giving overwhelming approval to legislation to legalize and regulate MMA in New York State, the last place in North America where professional MMA remains illegal.
“The attention turns yet again to the Assembly. Hopefully the Assembly will finally recognize that enacting this law is the right thing for the millions of fans, the right thing for ensuring the safety of amateur and professional MMA athletes, the right thing for tourism and economic development, the right thing for the arenas and the union jobs they provide.
“I have no choice but to be cautiously optimistic. Mr. Speaker, make 2014 the year this gets done.”

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