Monday, May 12, 2014

Observations From My Couch: UFC Fight Night 40


  • Albert Tumenov and Justin Salas' knockout victories were cool, but if it happens on the UFC Fight Pass portion of the card, does it even count as having happened?
  • Please, no more Manny Gamburyan. Please.
  • Johnny Eduardo had just one way to win his bout against Eddie Wineland, and like a fool, Wineland let him find it.
  • Man, poor Darrell Montague. He's a legit top flyweight, but in his only two UFC appearances he's been paired up against John Dodson and a Shooto champ. Dude deserves an easy fight.
  • Okay, someone please explain why Soa Palelei kissed referee Keith Peterson at the end his fight with Ruan Potts. That was kind of... weird.
  • Look at Daron Cruickshank making Tae Kwon Do relevant. You go, bro.
  • Now THAT was the Costas Philippou I know.
  • I only hope that when New York finally gets a UFC installment, we're as lucky as Cincinnati was with their local hero Matt Brown wrecking Erick Silva.

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