Sunday, May 4, 2014

Watch Joel De Jesus Kick Ass at Battle Rock


I'm still working on the write-up for last night's Battle Rock Muay Thai show in Rockaway Beach, but to tide you over (yes, oceanic pun intended), here's Chok Sabai rep Joel De Jesus making Ashenefre Edmund regret his choice to ever step into the ring.

Other than two inadvertent knees to the junk, De Jesus looked pretty smooth and technical. Edmund looked... battered.


Unknown said...

I saw this guy fight. Very impressive! Technical, aggressive, smart, and put a nice whooping in that boy Ash. Keep it up young stunna. Shout outs to then Captain Falcon knees.


Jim Genia said...

Agreed. De Jesus was very impressive.

Anonymous said...

Man that boy can fightn, I was at the fight and it was more one sided than it seems. Funnily enough, Ash was doing the "walk it like bernie" dance in his corner before the fight started. After The fight, he really was walking like Bernie