Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Look at the NYFE 3 Card


Here's a look at next weekend's NYFE 3 card, which is slated for the Amazura Nightclub in Jamaica, Queens. I will have some fighter interviews up during the week, so consider this just a preliminary glance at what to expect.

WKA USA 170lbs Title

  • Jerome Mickle vs. Hugh McKenna
WKA NY State 185lbs Title
  • Constantine Gemelas vs. Eric Ott
WKA NY State 135lbs Title
  • Elijah Punzone vs. Mike Kuhn
Main Card
  • Roman Chyzhyk vs. Anthony Pipola
  • Hassan Hope vs. Adrian Czmielewski
  • Neil Varone vs. Sam Watford
  • Christopher Acevedo vs. Riqui Pigatti Jr.
  • Ken Sweeney vs. Wendell Gerard
  • Pat Carroll vs. Najeeb Jones
  • Ozzie Perez vs. Nestor Xicohtencatl
  • Matt Kaplan vs. Joseph Ninomiya
  • Levy G. Reyes Jr. Frank John Sforza
  • Kristian Franco vs. Ryan Hardy-Evans
  • Paul Grant vs. Rob Diggle 
  • Kevin Wall vs. Will Collazo

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