Monday, June 9, 2014

NYFE 3 Postscript: Kevin Wall Wins


NYFE 3 was a momentous show that was made all the more memorable because New York MMA stalwart Kevin Wall - who's been fighting anyone and everyone for years - notched a win. To put things in perspective, if there are six events in six months, Wall will fight on five of them. Oh, and he's pushing 60-years old.

So let's tip our hat to this grizzled veteran (literally: he was an Army Ranger during the U.S. invasion of Panama back in 1989). For the first time ever a fight of his went to decision, and he came out on top.


Unknown said...

No I am not almost 60. LOL.
I turned 53 on th 18th of this month.

Well I guess thats not much different.

Unknown said...

I hear a voice in the crowd and I know its one of my corner men in addition to the ones I already have.

Its Tom Sconzo Bother I heard you and I was trying to respond.