Saturday, July 26, 2014

Upstate New York Media Outlet Ponders the Eternal Question


There's an amateur MMA event happening tonight in Binghamton, and the notion of amateurs duking it out in a cage in New York while pros have to go elsewhere has one upstate media outlet asking the eternal question, "What are we waiting for?"

Read the full article here, but the most salient point is below.
Art of Combat VIII: A Midsummer Night's Fight comes to the Greater Binghamton Sports Complex on Airport Road at 4:30 on Saturday. The event will feature some of the best amateur fighters in the Northeast and even parts of Canada. The New York State ban on professional fights does not restrict amateur fights, but every time amateur fights are held, it brings the debate back to the forefront. If you ask those involved with the event, their message to Albany is clear, "what are we waiting for?"

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