Wednesday, August 27, 2014

More Tidbits From Zuffa vs. New York Lawsuit


We're definitely at a cool juncture in the Zuffa vs. New York State lawsuit. All the evidence needed to make the respective parties' arguments has been gathered, and for the sake of bolstering each side's motions for summary judgment and rebuttals, a multitude of facts are being revealed. Here's some of the pretty interesting stuff gleaned from the most recent round of filings:

  • Madison Square Garden held for dates in reserve for potential UFC events in 2014. They're currently holding March 21, 2015 for the UFC to use their venue.
  • MSG has been reserving dates for UFC events since 2009.
  • Zuffa is a licensed promoter under the World Kickboxing Association, and should the whole third-party sanctioning thing get ironed out via the lawsuit, they'd use the WKA to stage an event ASAP.
  • The New York State Athletic Commission has no authority over martial arts events sanctioned by organizations on the approved list (i.e., the organizations listed in the statute), and the Commission therefore has no power to allow or disallow such events.
  • The Commission has no enforcement power to prosecute or bring charges against anyone who violates the Combative Sports Law.
  • The Commission believes that the Combative Sports Law applies to Sovereign Indian Land as well.
  • The WKA discovered that it was one of the organizations on the approved list back in 2002, and reached out to the athletic commission on the matter. The AC told the WKA that it could sanction neither pro nor amateur MMA, only kickboxing. The issue of sanctioning amateur MMA only changed when the lawsuit came about.

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