Friday, September 19, 2014

Bouts to Watch at Ring of Combat 49 Tonight


Yes, there is a Ring of Combat in Atlantic City, NJ, tonight. No, I am not going (stupid parole officer won't give me permission to leave the state...). But that doesn't mean there aren't some very intriguing bouts that you and I should care about - there are. And here they are!

  • Julio Arce vs. Jake Grigson - TSMMA standout and reigning ROC bantamweight champ Arce is undefeated in both MMA and kickboxing, and is on track to be the next big breakout star of the Northeast fight circuit. Opponent Grigson is an out-of-towner, and therefore brings a lot of unknown variables into the cage with him, but will he be the one to derail the Arce train?
  • Jeff Lentz vs. Andre Harrison - Lentz is a TUF veteran and longtime ROC staple who may or may not be on the verge of a career resurgence. Harrison, meanwhile, is an undefeated prospect who needs to be tested to prove he's a regional top dog. Both men need this ROC featherweight title to establish where they belong on the food chain, so expect some serious fireworks.
  • Pat DeFranco vs. Mervin Rodriguez - DeFranco's most recent outing saw him lose to Chris Wade for the ROC lightweight belt, and since we just saw Wade kick ass in the UFC, it sort of puts into perspective just how good DeFranco actually is (i.e., he's damn good). On the other side of the equation is Rodriguez, a salty veteran of the scene, so what we have here is a chance for one guy to get back on the path to title contention and another guy to knock him off it.
  • Jenna Serio vs. Jill Valenzuela - We don't get a lot of female MMA bouts around these parts, so this one will be a treat. Serio is an armbar machine hailing from TSMMA, while Valenzuela is a tough-as-nails grinder who once went the distance with Tecia Torres. Who takes it? Who cares! It's female MMA, and that's hip and cool now!

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