Friday, October 17, 2014

There are Two Kickboxing Shows in Manhattan Tonight


There are two big kickboxing shows set to go down in Manhattan tonight. Putting aside how awesome/nuts that is, here are the details:

One is Combat at the Capitale, promoter Lou Neglia's long-running show that always features fighters on their way to or from the MMA world. As per the card posted above, MMA vets on the card include Munah Holland, John Salgado, Villi Bello and Shennen Maceo.

The other event is Friday Night Fights, which is a New York City institution and pretty prestigious in its own right. Fighters there tend to be ardent Muay Thai folk, so if you gravitate towards thigh-kicks and plates of Pad Thai, this show is for you.
And just to put things in perspective in terms of how close these simultaneous events are to each other... their venues are about 20 blocks apart. That's two stops on the subway!

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