Monday, November 17, 2014

Victory at MSG Primer: Chad Hernandez


You know what's awesome about this Victory at Madison Square Garden show, aside from the fact that it's at Madison Square Garden? The fact that it has top fighters from all the New York City organizations on the card. There are badasses from Aggressive Combat Championship, Golden MMA Championships, and Victory itself slated to fight on Friday night. There's even probably one of the best fighters to come out of the UCL ready to throw down.

I'm talking about Chad Hernandez.

A jiu-jitsu ace, Hernandez took part in the most technical fight in UCL history, a three-round battle against the veteran Kenny Rivera. That was a fight that could have easily been a top attraction on a New Jersey pro card, and though Rivera took the narrow split decision, Hernandez proved to be every ounce a stud when fists are flying.

Anyway, here's our pal Bruce Kivo rapping with Hernandez. Watch and gain knowledge.

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