Friday, February 27, 2015

Three Reasons to Be Excited for Aggressive Combat Championships 10


Aggressive Combat Championship 10 is going down on Saturday night, and in case you were on the fence about checking the event out or shelling out 60 clams for a UFC pay-per-view that might not be worth it, let me sway you with three reasons why ACC 10 will be awesome.

  • Tito Hartz vs. James Gonzalez - It's not everyday that you get a chance to see a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt and instructor bust his MMA cherry in the cage, but that's exactly what will happen when Professor Hartz of East Coast United steps up at ACC 10. His opponent, Gonzalez, is a veteran and student of Matt Serra, so expect a technical battle to transpire.
  • Ozzie Perez vs. Johnny Castillo - Perez and Castillo have met before, and it ended the way Perez bouts usually do: a fast and furious submission onslaught with the Jungle Gym exponent getting the armbar. But Castillo trains at EDGE Hoboken, a top school chock full of smart dudes, so you can count on this bout - which is for the featherweight title - having a few more heavily-drilled armbar counters thrown in.
  • Matt Roman vs. Jose Hernandez - There are two things that indicate Roman has a ton of potential: he hails from TSMMA, which has been a cauldron of killers lately, and he went the distance and lost a close split decision to a stud named Erick Taylor. Hernandez comes from a pretty scrappy academy himself (Musuko MMA), which tells me that Roman is going to be thrust into the fire and tested, and given his potential, that's a recipe for fun.

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