Friday, May 15, 2015

The System May Be Imperfect, But Some Things Do Go Right


On Wednesday I wrote about how New York's lack of statutory regulation of amateur MMA was putting the health and safety of fighters in jeopardy, and I used the case of Noah Hughes - a fighter from upstate who was booking fights despite being badly TKO'd just a couple weeks ago - as an example. However, it's worth noting that though there are no minimum safety standards and procedures that must be met when it comes to cagefighting in New York, some strive to do the right thing. They deserve credit where credit is due.

  • At the May 2 Cage Wars event that saw Hughes get pounded out to the point of referee stoppage, he was examined by a doctor afterwards. It was also recommended that he go to the hospital for additional assessment and treatment (Hughes declined).
  • Cage Wars reported the results of the bout to Tapology, thereby creating as official a record as currently possible as to what had happened to Hughes in the fight.
  • Gladius Fights refused to book Hughes for a fight the following weekend. They did so before Hughes' Cage Wars bout because they had learned that he'd actually fought the weekend before the Cage Wars bout, and the Gladius bout would've been three bouts in three weeks for Hughes.
  • Although Hughes had booked a fight at the Victory show in Manhattan on May 8, and Hughes had no-showed, Victory had secured the Muay Boran League as their sanctioning body just days before the event, and the MBL would have performed due diligence, saw Hughes' recent fight, and prevented him from competing. The MBL has a 30-day "no fight" policy.
  • Spirit FC, which had Hughes scheduled to compete on their card tonight, has allegedly pulled him from the card.
It's unclear if Hughes is still booked for the May 22 Destination Fight! card.

What we have in New York is a very imperfect system, but sometimes some things do go right.

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