Saturday, June 13, 2015

Here's the Final List of Assembly Targets - Fire Away!


The legislative session ends on Wednesday, and thanks to a revamped MMA bill and previously unheard of levels of support, we are now closer than ever before to the reality of sanctioned pro MMA in New York State. We just need to convince four of the following Assemblymen to vote for Bill A02604.

That's it. Four.

Call them, email them, show up at their homes with a fruit basket (actually, they won't be home, they'll be in Albany, but you get the point). Do whatever it takes to express to them that as New Yorkers we want MMA here and regulated and safe. It doesn't matter if you've already reached out to them. Hit them up again. They need to know that this is what the people want. You can even send them a link to this piece I wrote for BloodyElbow yesterday.

These two guys are VERY close to voting in favor of the MMA bill, so definitely go at them hard:

  • Assemblyman Steve Otis, Westchester -, 914-939-7028 and 518-455-4897
  • Assemblyman James Skoufis, Mid-Hudson Valley -, 845-469-6929 and 518-455-5441
Here are the rest of the undecideds:
  • Assemblyman Jeff Aubry, Queens -, 718-457-3615 and 518-455-4561
  • Assemblywoman Barbara Clark, Queens -, 718-479-2333 and 518-455-4711
  • Assemblyman Sean Ryan, Buffalo -, 716-885-9630 and 518-455-4886
  • Assemblywoman Diana Richardson, Brooklyn -, 718-771-3105 and 518-455-5262
  • Assemblyman Charles Barron, Brooklyn -, 718-257-5824 and 518-455-5912
  • Assemblywoman Didi Barrett, Mid-Hudson Valley -, 845-454-1703 and 518-455-5177
  • Assemblywoman Patricia Fahy, Albany -, 518-455-4178
  • Assemblyman Brian Kavanaugh, Manhattan -, 212-979-9696 and 518-455-5506
There are insiders working the phones and making pitches at this very moment, while sponsors from the Senate and Assembly work feverishly to iron out unified versions of what this bill will look like when it goes to the governor's desk for a signature. They need us to do our part. 

And then we're home.

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