Monday, March 21, 2016

What to Expect From Tomorrow's Assembly Proceedings Re: The MMA Bill


This afternoon the Assembly Speaker's communication director tweeted the following:
Yeah, you read that right. The MMA Bill is passing either tomorrow afternoon or Wednesday. That's huge, as it means the MMA landscape in New York is about to undergo some drastic change - most definitely for the better.

So what exactly is going to happen tomorrow? Here's a breakdown in case you want to follow along.

The MMA Bill has to make it through three committees. This is just legislative procedure, and the committees are Ways and Means, Codes, and one for Tourism, Parks, Arts and Sports Development. Not everyone in those committees wants sanctioned MMA in New York (the Tourism Committee chair, Assemblywoman Margaret Markey, is the last opponent with any real clout), but there isn't much concern that the bill will get bogged down. There is simply too much support for the issue.

The MMA Bill will hit the Tourism Committee at 10:30am. There might be some debate, there might not. The Codes Committee visit happens at 11am. Ways and Means will get taken care of around then as well.

Then, it's all about the MMA Bill hitting the floor for the big vote from the full Assembly (which we know it will pass from the amount of support it has both from the Democrats and the Republicans - it would actually pass just from Democratic support alone).

Go here to monitor if it's put on the daily calendar. It can still hit the floor if it doesn't make it on that online calendar.

Go here to watch the magic happen on the Assembly floor. There will definitely be some dissenting opinions for the public record, so it might be fun to watch.

And remember: if it doesn't make it to the floor tomorrow, Wednesday will be the day.

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