Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Definitive UFC 205 in NYC Fight Week Itinerary


The UFC in New York City! UFC 205, breaking ground at Madison Square Garden! Dogs and cats, living together - Mass hysteria! Yes, folks, the very thing we've been waiting 20 years for is finally happening, and just like in days of yore when the circus came to town, the week leading up to this momentous, magnificent occasion will be jam-packed with activities and gatherings guaranteed to whet the appetite of any - and every - fight fan. So of course, as I am wont to do, I've compiled a list of the daily goings-on leading up to the epic UFC at MSG itself.

Not listed are the afterparties - and there will surely be plenty of them - but I'm an old, boring man who will be seeking the comforts of his bed after a post-UFC 205 press conference that likely won't end until 3am, so whatevs. Also not listed: all the fighter-led seminars at local gyms on Monday, Nov. 14, and there are a few of those.

Wednesday, Nov. 9
  • UFC 205 open workouts at MSG, starting at 9:30am. On hand will be Conor McGregor, Eddie Alvarez and the rest of the main card's championship bout participants. This event is free to the public, although I think you have to get tickets.
  • Nick Diaz no-gi seminar at the Renzo Gracie affiliate in Jersey City
Thursday, Nov. 10
  • UFC 205 press conference at the MSG Theater. This one is free and open to the public as well (you just need to have a ticket), and with McGregor there, it will be a good opportunity to get nailed by a thrown water bottle.
  • HEADRUSH apparel is opening up a pop-up store down in Nolita (171 Elizabeth Street), and on hand will be Dustin Poirier and Tecia Torres.
Friday, Nov. 11
  • UFC 205 weigh-ins at MSG starting at 6pm. This is open to the public as well, and requires tickets (see Ticketmaster).
  • HEADRUSH's Nolita popup, with Arianny Celeste and Brittany Palmer.
  • Nick and Nate Diaz with Joe Schilling meet-and-greet, at Stout NYC (133 West 33rd Street). This kicks off at 7pm.
  • SiriusXM RUSH's UFC 205 Party (Legends Bar & Grill, 6 West 33rd Street), from 4:30 to 9pm. The website says something about a gift bag, which, hey, free stuff!
  • FloCombat's meet-and-greet Beer Authority (300 West 40th Street), at 8pm.

Saturday, Nov. 12
  • UFC 205 at MSG, starting at 6pm. I don't need to explain this one, do I?
I know I called this list "definitive", but that was hyperbole. There are bound to be more events popping off, as well as industry parties and such that plebs like you and I can't get into. Still, the UFC will be at MSG - how awesome is that?

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