Thursday, October 9, 2008

Lyman Good Would Still Kill Jake Shields

EliteXC 170-pound champ Jake Shields had no problems controlling top UK welterweight Paul Daley on the ground at this past weekend's "Heat" event, but one thing was painfully obvious from cageside (and maybe pretty obvious watching on TV): Shields has crappy stand-up. From his ineffectual strikes to his poor wrestling to his apparent lack of confidence forcing him to shoot from halfway across the cage, a few things can be deduced - such as, he's a knockout waiting to happen. Or, that the first person with a great sprawl is going to give him fits. Or, that Lyman Good - who had signed with the organization last month but has yet to have a fight materialize - would kill him. Yes, Shields is an extremely skilled and talented grappler who has taken out some tough competition in the form of Renato Verissimo and Nick Thompson. But up close, the chinks in his armor are visible. It's just a matter of time before someone exploits them.

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