Friday, October 10, 2008

Underground Profile: Chaz Dimitropoulos

If you saw Fox 5 News' story on "Illegal Fight Clubs" a few weeks back, then you saw 169-pound MTA employee Chaz Dimitropoulos throwing down and throwing down hard at a July Underground Combat League event. Sporting a 2-1 record, a background in traditional Japanese Jujitsu and a lot of heart, Dimitropoulos won fans over with a gutsy performance over John Padron - a performance that saw Padron blast him in the face with a punch that swelled shut his eye in Round One and Dimitropoulos come back to snag an armbar in Round Two. "Who really wants to travel all the way out to New Jersey to do mixed martial arts?" says the up-and-coming fighter. "I don't think it's fair that we have to. If you're from New York, you should be able to fight in New York." What does the future hold for the part-time athlete? "I would definitely like to get a lot more fights under my belt," he says. "I would like to be comfortable in the ring. I don't want to be nervous at all - I want it to feel like I'm just in a training session."

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