Friday, October 10, 2008

Tonight's ShoXC to Feature More Bribes and Fixed Fights

MMA Journalist has just received a fax from an EliteXC insider regarding tonight's ShoXC event in Hammond, Indiana. The event, which will be broadcast live on Showtime, will feature Dave Herman taking on TUF veteran Kerry Schall, as well as bouts with TUF washout Jason Guida and rising stars Anthony Lapsley and Bubba McDaniel. The fax - deemed to be credible as this source (which will remained unnamed) is a reliable one - seems to list the "under the table" bribes the competitors are receiving to ensure a specific performance. The list is as follows:
  • Herman will be paid an additional $5,000 to not reveal why he is called "PeeWee" on national television.
  • Schall will be paid an additional $2,000 if he promises to not offer Herman ride in his "Meat Truck".
  • Guida will be paid an additional $10,000 if he successfully keeps his scrotum hidden from view.
  • Lapsely will receive $500 worth of marijuana if he passes his post-fight drug screening.
  • McDaniel will be given a real first name if victorious. Come on, "Bubba"? Seriously?

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