Monday, February 23, 2009

Chase Beebe Suffers Vagina Injury, Misses UWC; DREAM Tournament Appearance in Jeopardy

Former WEC champ Chase Beebe has suffered an injury to his vagina, causing him to no-show the Ultimate Warrior Challenge event this past weekend in Northern Virginia and possibly jeopardizing his participation in DREAM's featherweight tournament on March 8th. The extent of Beebe's vaginal injury is unknown, although it is believed to be severe enough to warrant his screwing over of the UWC (Beebe was supposed to headline the February 21st event with a bout against Mike Easton) and then refusing to answer their phone calls. "Our thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Beebe at this time," said a spokesperson for the Washington, DC-area promotion. "He's a tough and honorable man, and no one with even the slightest injury to their vagina should even consider stepping into the cage against someone of Mike Easton's caliber."

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Anonymous said...

I pray for his vagina!