Monday, February 23, 2009

From the Mailbag: "I Love You And Want To Be You."

"Dear MMA Journalist: I read your blog everyday and I think it's insightful and hilarious and a breath of fresh air in a world of stale blogs. It's great that you go to all those shows both big and small, and your refined talent and comedic ability is enough to make any heart quiver. MMA Journalist, I love you and want to be you, and if you ever need a writer, or intern, or even just someone to talk to late at night during Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network... well, I could be that person." - CRS

Uh, thanks for the kind words, CRS. I think. MMA Journalist is always interested in hearing from new voices and seeing things from a new perspective, so anyone who wants to submit something - be it a short, witty article or some pics from a local fight show - should feel free. Send it to and maybe I'll post it. Also, CRS, please, no more nudie pics.

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