Monday, March 9, 2009

Details Emerge Regarding Frank Mir's Injury

As anyone who watched UFC 96 on Saturday knows, Frank Mir's rematch with Brock Lesnar, which was slated for UFC 98, has now been postponed due to Mir getting injured. Today, new details have emerged regarding the nature of the interim heavyweight champ's injury - and it ain't pretty. According to sources within Mir's camp, he "damaged his esophagus swallowing one of those 125-pound fighters last week. Possibly the Mexican one." As MMA Journalist reported last Wednesday, Mir was absent from the WEC broadcast because he'd eaten an unknown number of flyweight fighters that were to be introduced on air. Now the Las Vegas native is suffering from severe gastrointestinal distress, and it is his inability to train properly that forced the Mir/Lesnar II bout's rescheduling. Continued the source (who asked to remain unnamed), "Frank is amazing in that he can eat a human being whole without having to chew, like that big alien guy on Futurama named Lrrr from Omicron Persei 8. Unfortunately, if someone is bad - like a Mexican fighter who drinks water from Mexico, which we Americans can't drink - well, you and I would just spit that person out. Not Frank. He swallows them whole." The showdown between heavyweight champ Lesnar and interim champ Mir has been tentatively scheduled for UFC 100 in July.

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