Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Predictions for UFN 18: "Condit vs. the Harsh Reality That Fighters in the WEC Weren't Exactly the Best"

Tonight is another harrowing installment of UFC Fight Night, which will serve as the prelude to the opening episode of "The Ultimate Fighter - Season Eleven Quabillion". On deck is WEC welterweight champ Carlos Condit taking on Danish fighter Martin Kampmann, which should be a real test for Condit and an excellent gauge as to where WEC champs rank amongst "real" fighters. An interesting sidenote about WEC champs: to get credentials for UFC events, they have to perform chores backstage; Condit is actually well-known for his backrubs. And now, on to the predictions.
  • In the main event bout between Condit and Kampmann, Condit is going to lose.
  • When Condit squares off against the former UFC middleweight fighter, he's going to realize in dramatic fashion that the WEC fighters he faced weren't exactly the best fighters out there.
  • Condit is going to get smoked like a cheap, poorly-rolled joint behind the cafeteria during study hall.
  • "Carlos, don't do it! You're going to die!"
  • As William Shakespeare once said, "Frailty, thy name is Condit."
  • Carlos Condit is not only not going to win, but he's also going to lose.

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