Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Scott Smith: "Having Hands Made of Steel Really Sucks Sometimes"

Mention Scott Smith's name to fans and most, if not all, will think of his nickname "Hands of Steel", his slugfest-rich fighting history and his propensity for leaving opponents unconscious on the canvas. But day-to-day life can be difficult for the man who twice waged war with Robbie Lawler on EliteXC's live CBS shows. "You know, having hands made of steel really sucks sometimes," says Smith candidly. "I mean, I can move my fingers a little and point at stuff and, of course, make a fist. Picking up things without crushing them? Impossible." Smith's plight is often overlooked as merely a downside to being an exciting top-ranked middleweight fighter. In reality, though, it affects his daily life. He can't toss around a football with his kids without popping the ball, he can't hold a can of soda without it exploding, and he can't swim - his steel hands simply drag him to the bottom. "God gave me a gift when he provided me with these hands," says Smith. "But seriously, it does suck." Smith is slated to face off against the heavy-handed Benji Radach on Strikeforce's April 11th "Shamrock vs. Diaz" event in San Jose, California. The event will be broadcast on Showtime.

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