Monday, May 18, 2009

Congrats to Team New York San Da

Congrats are in order for Team New York San Da for their performances at that New York-area underground show in Friday. The event may have been unsanctioned and unregulated, but the fact that you stepped into the cage to test and sharpen yourselves speaks volumes to your progress as a fight team.


Evan Forsk said...

I am a bit surprised that David Ross would support the MMA guys who trane at his gym in fighting at this event given all that David has written about underground events. Were the participants paid and were their medicals covered? Were their brains scanned to prevent possible blood clots from killing them?

-Evan Forsk

Billy Pisgetti said...

it is amazing that this guy Ross would have the gumption to put his people into an unsanctioned, underground mma event. after all the noise he has publicly made about being fundamentally opposed to this type of event, this is a complete 180. I wonder if any of the people he has publicly attacked know about this. and congratulations to the fighters. all of them!