Monday, May 18, 2009

Observations From My Couch: "Strikeforce Challengers"

  • You'd think that at some point someone would have clued Tito Jones in on the fact that he was in a fight and not a sparring match. In fights, you actually have to defeat your opponent, not just rock them and let them recover.
  • Aaron Rosa and Anthony Ruiz - not ready for prime time!
  • I'd like to see Lavar Johnson against someone like Alistair Overeem or Brett Rogers. He'd probably have to throw two or three punches then.
  • Sarah Kaufman and Miesha Tate had a decent little scrap, but one thing was very apparent as the bout went on: neither one were Tara LaRosa.
  • It's good that the Mike Aina/Billy Evangelista bout was stopped in Round 2. If it had gone the distance, there's no telling how many more fouls Evangelista would have committed.

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