Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Additional TUF 10 Contestants Revealed

SpikeTV has revealed the identities of more competitors for the upcoming tenth season of "The Ultimate Fighter", adding fuel to the already smoldering fire of anticipation for a season that will feature the wildly popular Kimbo Slice as a contestant. Joining Slice within the confines of the TUF House will be Big Mac, Afropuff and "The Bouncer" - three heavyweights who fought and lost to Slice in a backyard, a boatyard and on someone's lawn during his days as a street-brawler and Internet sensation. Said SpikeTV programming executive John Francis Dolemite, "Kimbo is one of the most famous, and most skilled, fighters in the world, and what better way to prove that than to pit him against warriors of comparable skill? Prior victories notwithstanding, Kimbo will have a tough time in the Octagon if he steps into the cage with these overweight but menacing men. A real tough time." No word yet if TUF 10 will allow a "Chill Dawg" rule, though the producers have installed a "metal thing" in the TUF House for contestants to watch out for.

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