Thursday, August 6, 2009

Notes From Strikeforce/Fedor/M-1 Global Conference Call

  • The UFC lied about what they offered to Fedor.
  • Fedor is willing to fight anyone for his first fight in Strikeforce.
  • Brett Rogers is a more worthy opponent for Fedor than Brock Lesnar, as Lesnar is only 4-1 in MMA.
  • The whole Gegard Mousasi/UFC offer thing was fabricated BS by the UFC.
  • Brock sucks.
  • Vadim Finkelstein either owns a dog, or was driving during the call and ran a dog over.
  • Strikeforce will aim to do pay-per-views six to nine months down the road.
  • Fedor is kept fully abreast of the decisions being made on his behalf. He even receives financial reports.
  • Someone please feed that dog.
  • The UFC's offer to Fedor was miserable. If it really was for $30 million, he would've signed the contract for sure.
  • No immediate plans for a tournament, but Scott Coker likes the format.
  • Is that a car alarm?
  • Vadim, please roll up your window.
  • Dog again. Is he someone's attorney?
  • Closing statements, and everyone agrees this conference call was "different". Different? This was a Monty Python sketch. And I can't wait for another!

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