Friday, December 11, 2009

Liveblog: AFL Part 4

James Jenkins of Combat Academy and Wesley Carvalho of Gold Team are up. Jenkins has got heavy and accurate hands, which he uses to drop the Brazilian more than once, and in the third round Jenkins hits Carvalho so hard he spins completely around before returning to Earth. The official time of the KO is :10 of Round 3. Trevor Baney of Serra/Longo is in the cage now taking on LA Boxing's Danny Carbonel. Baney is out-boxing his opponent and mixing in takedowns, and though he's game, Carbonel never finds his groove. Baney takes the decision. It's time for James Funaro of Vamos BJJ vs. Mike Fischetti of TSMMA. This one is bloody, with Fischetti popping Funaro in the nose early and prompting the ref to call in the doctor for a look. It continues, and Funaro tries to get it to the ground, but Fischetti is too skilled to let that happen and he tags Funaro again, this time opening a cut over the UCL vet's eye. That's enough for the ref, and the bout is called. And no lie, it takes the Asylum crew about 10 minutes to clean the cage.

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