Friday, December 11, 2009

Liveblog: AFL Part 5

Brian Natoli of Taurus MMA and Delroy McKoy of Camp Undefeated take to the cage, and once their fight begins Natoli takes charge with crisper striking and smoother grappling. Rinse and repeat for all three rounds, with Natoli winging an overhand right and scoring with leg-kicks and clearly ahead on the scorecards, and McKoy knocking him out with only one second left in the bout. Cilio Ribiero of Gold Team and Justin Incera of Chamber MMA are next at bat. Though a much better puncher and much better grappler, Ribiero keeps butting up against the brick wall that is Incera's wrestling, and it goes to the third round, where Ribiero punches his Incera in the head while Incera is on the ground and gets disqualified.

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