Friday, February 19, 2010

Liveblog: ROC 28 Part 3

A superstar match-up between Pellegrino MMA's Lester Caslow and AMA FC's Andy Main is on deck. Both guys are pure badass and capable of winning on the feet and on the ground, so hold onto your hats. Or beanies. Or whatever you wear on your head. Round 1 sees them trade kicks for about four minutes, with Caslow timing the delivery of a knuckle sandwich perfectly and sending Main to the canvas. The round ends with Caslow on top and punching. Round 2 is all about payback, as Main gets Caslow down, takes his back, and alternates between choke attempts and fists, so it's dead even going into the final round. Who wants it more? It seems like they both want it pretty bad, but after a bit of back and forth, the Pellegrino MMA rep and teen pop sensation settles into top position and just punishes Main. Caslow takes the unanimous decision in what is a very good fight. Now it's time for promoter Lou Neglia to call the special guests into the cage, and the list includes Miguel Torres, Donald Cerrone, Leonard Garcia and Cub Swanson (what the hell? Is there a WEC convention going on in town?), Dante Rivera, Jim Miller, Pete Sell, Chester Cheetah, Kurt Pellegrino, the Kool-Aid Man, Dr. Peter Venkman, Matt Serra and a giant inflatable beer can. The crowd cheers.

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