Friday, February 19, 2010

Liveblog: ROC 28 Part 5

Next up: Brendan Barrett of Brutal MMA and Joe Abouata of Wilkie's Warriors in a heavyweight bout. Abouata is what you'd get if you crossed a human's DNA with a Harley Davidson, but Barrett's always been a tough, top-level guy. He comes out and establishes control early, getting the Wilkie Warrior down and grinding him throughout the first, and tapping him with a guillotine from mount in the second. The official time of the tap out is :45 of Round 2. The ever-popular Nabih Barakat of Serra/Longo takes to the cage to face the Armory's Edson Barboza. Yikes. Barboza is definitely some kind of ringer, as he wades in and clips Barakat with a right and follows him down with some hellacious leather. Barakat is so messed up, he's trying to work his guard even after the ref has pulled Barboza off, and Kevin Mulhall has to hold his ankles while Dr. Wulkan struggles to get him to snap out of it. The official time of the KO is 1:09 of the first round. It's time for Brazil vs. Brazil, with Vagner Fernandes of Gold Team taking on Andre Gusmao of Ricardo Almeida's School for Gifted Grapplers. As an aside, Gusmao is also a skilled capoeira practitioner, which enabled him to dominate when he fought in the IFL but availed him naught in his time in the UFC. It doesn't avail him much here, either, as Fernandes rocks him with a right and proceeds to use his face as a punching bag. Yet Gusmao is tough, and he gains dominate position on the ground, flattens Fernandes out, and drops the hammer until the ref steps in at 3:25 of Round 1.

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Wow Nabih got Knocked the F@#$ out!!