Sunday, February 28, 2010

Liveblog: UCL Part 1

MMA Journalist is here at an undisclosed gym in the heart of Brooklyn for the latest installment of the Underground Combat League, NYC's only vale tudo show. For those who've been following the saga on the Internet, today is supposed to be the day MMA fighter James Funaro faces ex-prison fighter Christian "Wargod" Darrow in the ring, which is a rematch of their first bout (which happened in the parking lot behind Funaro's gym and ended with Funaro knocking out Darrow's tooth). For those who haven't been following this rivalry over the Internet... ha, you suck. Anyway, there's allegedly no bad blood between the two, as "their beef has been quashed". The two were only fighting now because their first meeting had garnered a ton of attention. Unfortunately, all that is in jeopardy, as Funaro fought in an Asylum Fight League show in Atlantic City last night and got knocked out by the highly-touted Chris Wing. What now? Will James risk his own well-being and step into the ring today? Will his twin brother Joseph fill in? Damned if I know. But the suspense is killing me, and personally, I hope James sits this one out. "Vale tudo" is Portuguese for "anything goes", not "to the death".

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