Sunday, February 28, 2010

Liveblog: UCL Part 3

James Funaro is here and ready, but Wargod is a no show. First up is veteran fighter Kirkland Campbell against New Generation Karate's Eric Blasich. Campbell is an ace ground-and-pounder who's been in a ton of wars, while Blasich is young and mean - which translates into a close three-round battle. Round 1 sees Blasich sprawling hard and working a D'Arce, and when Campbell does get him down, Blasich does a solid job of neutralizing Campbell's punch-party. Rounds 2 and 3 play out in similar fashion, Campbell's takedowns an almost unstoppable force and Blasich's submissions and striking from the bottom a constant, and when time runs out Blasich takes the split decision in a good fight. Next: John Velez of Ultimate Karate against Dante Thomas of Empire Fight Factory. This one is an absolute war, with Velez giving up 40 pounds but unafraid to throw down. For all three rounds Thomas gets Velez down and drops leather, and for all three rounds Velez is blasting away with upkicks, elbows, fists - everything. Thomas takes the unanimous decision thanks to his concise grappling and aggression, but it's a good showing by both men.

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