Friday, April 16, 2010

Liveblog: ROC 29 Part 2

First bout and it's Carmine Zocchi-trained Ariel Sepulveda against Charlie Joseph of Team Lotus/the Fight Monkeys (seriously) in a middleweight scrap. This one doesn't last long, with Joseph walking into a number of short punches to the face en route to the clinch, and hurting his knee at the 1:27 mark. At least Sepulveda looked good throwing leather and keeping it on the feet. Next at bat is featherweights Pete DeYonker of Tong Dragon and Ryan Castillo of Serra/Longo. These guys do a great job of going back and forth on the ground and neutralizing each other, with Castillo's extra 30 seconds spent on top earning him the majority decision. Light-heavyweight Ricardo Almeida brown belt Haz Ibrahim enters the cage to take on Team Edson Carvalho's Rich Bianchi. Talk about fighting mad, Ibrahim looks like he's ready to crush Bianchi, drive him before him and hear the lamentations of his woman. The story of this bout involves Ibrahim getting Bianchi down quickly, getting on top and generously applying fist to face. Other than some foul language, Bianchi's got nothing for the Northeast old schooler, and Ibrahim takes the unanimous decision when time expires.

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