Friday, April 16, 2010

Liveblog: ROC 29 Part 4

Bout #7 is David McMahon of MFS against Jose Viera Jr. of Jackson's MMA. I know nothing about these guys, so I'm just going to make something up, like, this bout is the culmination of a generational feud between Old West cattle barons. Who owns the rights to the land around Thistle Creek? Who deserves the hand of Thelma Jane in marriage? I don't know about any of that stuff, but what I do know is McMahon can't stop Viera's takedowns, so he spends a bit of the opening round off his back. Round 2 plays out in similiar fashion until Viera seems to run out of gas late, and McMahon - full of vim and vigor - capitalizes in Round 3 with a sprawl to back-mount to rear naked choke. Viera taps 21 seconds in in a thrilling turn of events. Now promoter Lou Neglia is taking a moment to acknowledge his distinguished alumni, and he calls to the cage such studs as Matt Serra, Lyman Good, Kurt Pellegrino, Chester Cheetah, Pete Sell and the Kool-Aid man ("Oh yeah!"). Okay, fight time, and Carlos Oliveira of Team Combat steps up to take on TSMMA's Jimmie Rivera. There's a lot of machismo in the cage now, but I will resist making ethnic jokes. Round 1 is all about Rivera tagging his foe over and over again with crisp hooks to the chops, and Oliveira even tastes canvas at one point. Round 2 is more of the same, and the end comes when Rivera times perfectly a knuckle taco that sends the Team Combat rep into Siesta Land. (Oops.) The official time of the KO is 2:59 of the second round. Good showing for Rivera.

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