Sunday, April 18, 2010

ROC 29 Postscript

Talking to the doctor post-show and it seems Gian Villante fractured his humerus - which is the bone above the elbow - and not his forearm as I'd originally thought.  The doctor said they could hear the snap from their seats cageside.  Yikes.  Congrats to Demetrius Richards for trekking out from Nebraska and pulling off the upset.  It's a damn shame he got booed the way he did.  Other stars of the night: Jessie Riggleman, who put away a tough Tuan Pham and looks like he may give Louis Gaudinot some trouble when they meet for the belt; Jimmie Rivera, who absolutely owned Carlos Oliveira; and David McMahon, who was getting clobbered by Jose Viera Jr. but turned it around with his cardio and a rear naked choke.  ROC 29 was definitely one of the good ones.

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