Monday, May 24, 2010

Observations from My Couch: Moosin's "The Best Awful MMA Event Ever"

    • I’ve seen so many pay-per-view crapfests masquerading as MMA shows throughout the years – gems like the World Combat Championship, Martial Arts Reality Superfighting and Pancrase – but Moosin was the absolute crappiest.  However, somehow, someway the fights were awesome, making this one the best.
    • Normally Bas Rutten is a fantastic commentator, but at Moosin, working side-by-side with those two other clowns, he was awful.  The trio’s commentating was like watching a drunken fraternity version of Mystery Science Theater 3000.  And I mean that in the most unfunny way possible.
    • Ralph Johnson, Lukasz Jurkowski and Ho Jin Kim.  God bless Moosin for giving C-level fighters a chance to look C-level on a pay-per-view.
    • Yves Edwards = robbed.
    • Roxanne Modafferi vs. Tara LaRosa was as awesome as everyone knew it was going to be.  Congrats to Roxy for going to Japan and learning how to strike.
    • Will Rafael Natal be the next ROC champ to make it into the big show?  Magic Eight Ball says “It is decidedly so”.
    • We need more Travis Wiuff in the world.
    • Tim Sylvia losing to a champion pro boxer was like a body blow to MMA, but if he had lost to a strongman it would’ve been like putting a bag over MMA’s head, driving it out into the desert and shooting it in the back of the neck.  Thank you, Tim, for not losing to a strongman.

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