Monday, May 24, 2010

Observations from My Couch: Strikeforce Challengers "Worst Crowd Ever"

    • As fight cards go, this one was pretty action-packed and entertaining.  However, based on the way the crowd booed everyone and everything, either the people of Oregon have never seen an MMA show before or the people of Oregon are retarded.  Which is it, Oregon?
    • Tarec Saffiedine is exceedingly fun to watch.  Exceedingly.
    • Good back and forth by Bobby Voelker and Roger Bowling, and tough break on the inadvertent eye injury.  Also, tough break on having an unappreciative audience full of idiots.
    • Tyron Woodley may not be the next big thing, but he’s at least the next “larger than usual” thing.
    • It took Matt Lindland two and a half rounds to beat a scrub.  Yeah, headlining a Strikeforce Challengers might be a good fit for him.

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