Thursday, June 24, 2010

M-1 Global "Selection" Card Revealed

At last, the M-1 Global “Selection” card, which is scheduled to take place at Bally’s Casino in Atlantic City on Saturday, has been revealed!  Here are some of the fighters to watch out for:

    • Tom Gallicchio, welterweight scrapper and lifetime member of the “New Jersey Badass Club”.
    • Aaron Meisner, Muay Thai specialist from Philadelphia who throws deadly knees from the clinch.
    • Shane Primm, veteran of TUF 8 but not one of the dudes that ate jizz.  I think.
    • Josh Key, lightweight powerhouse capable of dishing out KOs and slams.
    • Ariel Sepulveda, light-heavyweight striker who will punch you in the face as much as look at you.
    • Andrei Kapilov, who is some Russian sambo guy but not the same Russian sambo guy who kneebarred Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt Castello Branco back at a Rings event in 1999.  Damn, that would’ve been cool if it was the same guy, though, right?  That guy had sick submissions.

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