Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Brick City Fighting Championship to Feature Brazilians... And More Brazilians

This Saturday will see the debut of the Brick City Fighting Championship - the newest entry in the New Jersey pro MMA circuit - and the promotion has put together a card of Brazilians, Brazilians and more Brazilians. As Newark has a densely-populated Brazilian community, this is a recipe for fun of the "Oh my God, this audience is about to riot variety" (similar to how that one-off "Return of Macaco" event was last year, but with probably less acai berries hurled into the cage). Prior blog posts hyped Team Renzo rep Carlos Cline's impending battle with UCL vet and Wing Chun warrior Shawn Obasi; unfortunately, that bout is off. Instead, we get Igor and Gregor Gracie, Gold Team Fighters brothers in arms Mariusz and Maciej Linke, plus BJJ black belts Daisuke Yamaji, Rob Guarino and Claydson Passos. Add to that list scrappers Don Wagner, Jose Rodriguez and Josh Key, and you have the makings of either an awesome night of fights, or an awesome night of fights. The venue is Essex County College, and you can expect some liveblogging action by MMA Journalist.

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