Monday, September 27, 2010

Observations from My Couch: UFC 119 "Ultimate Waste"

  • What a craptastic event.  Four out of five decisions on the pay-per-view?  And a few of them were bad decisions?  Who do I talk to about getting my money back?
  • Melvin Guillard literally moved two to three times faster than Jeremy Stephens.  It was like watching a cartoon.
  • I hate to say it, but Matt Mitrione is steadily improving and proving himself to be a force.  Please, someone defeat him soon.
  • Pat Audinwood is better than that.  I blame first-time Octagon jitters.
  • CB Dollaway still gets to keep his fighter job.  And with that Submission of the Night bonus, he doesn’t need to work all those extra shifts down at the Wal-Mart for at least a month.
  • Mark Hunt getting subbed liked that gave me a sad.
  • Sean Sherk is surprisingly still relevant.  However, no way did he win that bout.  Evan Dunham kicked his ass.
  • I’m so glad Matt Serra spent all those years becoming one of the most exciting jiu-jitsu guys around.
  • Antonio Rogerio Nogueira: same great taste as his bro with only half the calories.  And half the ability, too.
  • Watching Frank Mir vs. Mirko CroCop was about as exciting as watching Ken Shamrock vs. Dan Severn II, KO at the end notwithstanding.

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