Monday, September 27, 2010

ROC 31 Postscript

Strong show.  Villi Bello looked to be highly-skilled and deadly.  Unfortunately, he was fighting a Terminator in Dave Church, and Bello simply did not have the gas tank to continue smashing Church like he did in the first round.  And Church… Jesus, that was the best version of him we've ever seen.  He took a helluva beating and just kept getting back up and swinging.  Joe Aviles and Mike Medrano looked like they were having a thoughtful fencing match in the first round of their bout, with slashing and lunging and parrying galore.  Then Round 2 begins and Aviles changes the game and blasts Medrano in the face with a shotgun.  It was that sudden.  And major props to Louis Gaudinot.  The most compelling champs aren't the ones that dominate from beginning to end.  The compelling ones are those who see a window of opportunity open for a brief moment and jump through it with everything they've got.  In other words, that flying guillotine was sweet!

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