Friday, October 1, 2010

Observations from My Couch: Bellator 31 "Ultimate Megumi"

    • Was Yoshiyuki Yoshida angling to get into the next Bellator welterweight tournament with that fight?  ‘Cause if so, that was his first mistake.  Anyone who’s supposedly a shoe-in for a tournament slot always gets their ass kicked in their tune-up bout.  Of course, his second mistake was blocking Chris Lozano’s strikes with his face.
    • Someone please explain to me why Mark Holata wasn’t in the heavyweight tournament.  Seriously, that bout was why we watch the big boys fight.
    • I could see Zoila Frausto winning two rounds, but no way did she win all three.  Jessica Aguilar got jobbed.
    • Did Mike Chandler TKO the lead singer of “Creed”?
    • Megumi Fujii is so badass, she doesn’t train with Josh Barnett.  Josh Barnett trains with her.

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