Friday, October 1, 2010

Observations from My Couch: WEC 51 "Death of a Zombie"

    • Mark Hominick has been looking great lately.  Am I the only one who thinks he might be able to beat Jose Aldo on the feet?  If the two fought, at the very least we’d get to see Aldo use his ground game to put Hominick away.
    • Chan Sung Jung is the most likeable fighter in the WEC, so watching George Roop plaster him was especially hard.  Long live the Korean Zombie!
    • I’m not going to say that Charlie Valencia was a can, but when Miguel Torres crushed him, there was definitely a distinct crunching-metal sound.
    • Zhang Tie Quan: the Coca-Cola of products seeking to gain a foothold in an emerging market.  However, if he continues to face scrubs, he will only ever be the Coke Zero.
    • Donald Cerrone and Jamie Varner had a very entertaining scrap, but I’m left wondering why they must fight each other in the cage forever.  Is it a gypsy curse?
    • Manny Gamburyan never stood a chance.
    • Right now the most intriguing match-up for Aldo is for him to face Frankie Edgar.  That bout would never happen – what if Aldo won?  What would the UFC lightweight belt be worth then?  But it would be a huge fight nonetheless.

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