Monday, October 11, 2010

Observations from My Couch: "Ultimate Yeah, Nick Diaz is Pretty Badass"

  • Andre Galvao: reminding us in a minute and 48 seconds that world-class jiu-jitsu means nothing when you pit it against world-class wrestling and a mean uppercut.
  • It was nice having a female MMA champ that was capable of highlight-reel knockouts and slams.  But a slick submission machine as champ is cool, too.  Way to go, Marloes Coenen.
  • The decision in the Josh Thomson/Gesias Cavalcante bout could definitely have gone either way.  And that judge that gave the third round to Thomson is beyond blind; she’s straight up hallucinating.
  • How long will Thomson and Cavalcante be out due to injury?  To determine the answer, use this simple equation: (the number of rounds fought x 3) + (each past knee injury x 4) + 6.  This is the number of months they’ll be out.  In other words, expect to see them in the cage again in 2014.
  • Nick.  Diaz.  Kicks.  Ass.  That is all.

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