Monday, October 11, 2010

Scenes from a Carlos Condit Open Workout

MMA Journalist is here at the Wat in NYC - Kru Phil Nurse's school and one the premiere Muay Thai academies in the country - for a Carlos Condit open workout. Condit is here in the Big Apple making some appearances before hopping on a plane to the UK for his UFC 120 bout this weekend, and at this very moment Kru Nurse is putting him through his paces to keep him sharp. "I feel good," says the former WEC champ, who is upbeat and calm. Is he concerned at all with jetlag and getting enough rest before Saturday given his busy fight-week schedule? "Not at all. I can pretty much sleep anywhere at anytime, so I'll be well-rested." Condit will be facing British hairstyle tragedy Dan Hardy, and as Condit appears to be healthy and in solid shape (i.e., that cast on his leg and that festering staph wound don't seem to be slowing him down), it should be a pretty decent brawl.

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